Best blackhead remover
Best blackhead remover
Best blackhead remover
Best blackhead remover
Best blackhead remover
Best blackhead remover
Best blackhead remover
Best blackhead remover
Best blackhead remover


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The days of covering up blackheads, blemishes and dark spots with thick foundation are over. Dramatically improve skin tones with clean and tight pores with this blackhead remover.

Removes Blackheads

Strong suction power effectively removes blackheads, dirt and excess oil in the pores. With three modes to choose from, this blackhead pore vacuum remover & extractor is suitable for all skin types and conditions.

Exfoliates and Fights Acne

By exfoliating and removing excessive oil and impurities left in the pores, this device deeply cleanses the skin, recovering it back to a state less prone to acne. No more cover-ups with thick makeup!

For All Skin Types

This blackhead remover is suitable for all skin types. Four unique suction heads are included the micro-crystalline head effectively helps to remove dead skin cells, the elliptical head is perfect for sensitive areas and small corners around the eyes, and the large and small circular heads can be used depending on your pore size.

Get rid of blackheads and blemishes and say hello to healthy, glowing skin.


  • Removes and reduces blackheads and excess sebum.
  • Four unique suction heads included.
  • Three suction modes.
  • Fully portable and USB rechargeable.
  • Made to last using high quality materials.


  • 4 different size replacement suction can be adjusted according to your actual needs, it can be adjusted by pressing the power button different times.
  • Cleans deep-seated dirt and diminishes appearance of large pores, use gentle, deep cleansing suction to remove skin impurities.
  • Skin-Friendly, made from high quality ABS material,safe and none-irritate,suitable for both sensitive and normal skin.
  • Strong suction, Suction strength is adjustable,effectively to suck out the nose blackhead and acne.
  • Encourages blood circulation while removing dead skin cells and dirt inside pores, revitalizes the skin more tight, firming, smooth and compact.


  • For the first time use the tool, please apply it on your hand or neck to adapt to the operating and suctioning.
  • Please clean the nozzle before and after use.
  •  It is recommended that you apply facial steamer or warm towel for 3~5 minutes to your skin, which helps to open the pores for easier remove of blackhead.
  • After the treatment, use the iced facial sheet mask or cold water to cool skin and close the pores.


      • To prevent bruising, ensure to keep the suction head constantly moving along your skin.
      • For best results, use a facial toner to wet the desired area first.
      • After use, remove the suction head and use a cotton swab to clean the tip with alcohol or facial cleanser.
      • Remove the sponge filter and use a cotton pad or cotton swab to clean it.
      • Wait for the moisture or alcohol on the filter and the tip to dry before reuse.

      This simple but effective Blackhead and Acne remover is an ideal at home beauty product. No more expensive trips to the dermatologist use in the comfort of your own home.

      • 1 x Main Body
      • 4 x Replacement Heads
      • 1 x Cable
      • 1 x User Manual


      If for whatever reason, you decide you are not satisfied with blackhead remover, you can easily and quickly contact our helpful customer support 24/7 to get an easy refund with our 30 day money back guarantee. We have a 5 start customer support system and will give quick responses to any questions.


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