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Introducing the best portable handheld steam iron...perfect for home and on the road ! Perfect for different types of fabrics, this handheld steamer allows you to adjust the temperature. 

The Portable Handheld Steamer can be used as a steamer and iron, either fabric lying flat which is convenient for any clothes or vertically hanging which is convenient for removing wrinkles from curtains and drapes or freshening up hard to iron garments.

With this portable steamer electric iron, you will never need to worry about the clothes being wrinkle while traveling. The size of the iron is so small and you can easily fit it into your suitcase. It's great to use at home, on a cruise, long or short haul travel.


  • Powerful steam and fast heating.
  • Steam direct injection technology.
  • Specialized for different fabric clothing and remove wrinkles, odors and kill acarid, germ.
  • Smart Steam Plus heating, fast heating, no damage to clothes.
  • Long-term stable steam injection, jet in a straight line, the steam is not dispersed, can be ironed for 7 to 8 minutes at a time.
  •  No complicated fashion, suitable for a variety of fabrics, easy to use.
  • Unique secondary heating and supercharging technology, with aluminum alloy nozzle, ceramic glaze and negative ion powder panel.
  • Keep you clean and tidy anytime, anywhere
Brand Name: XIAOMI
Temperature Regulator:
Single Equipment
Water Tank Capacity: < 0.8L
Steam Flow rate:
Power Cord Length:
2.2 m
Secondary heating. Intelligent steam heating. Light and portable. Wear it immediately after ironing.
The light life, let decent and elegant always accompany you
Flat ironing every fold is a good ability. It looks beautiful and practical, clean and simple. Suitable for home, travel, business.
Small and portable, to meet the light life. Stylish and decent when out.
Hanging ironing, flat ironing, combined in one
It can be worn immediately after ironing, reshaping the texture of clothes.
The design is very meticulous and neat, hanging ironing, flat ironing, combined into one, do not hesitate to move.
Exquisite flat ironing, eliminates wrinkles for clothes, the force is very uniform.
Multi-dimensional restores the texture of clothes,
Make clothes as beautiful as they were when they were just received.
Intelligent steam heating Steam Plus, rapid heating
1200 W of strong steam, instantly generating steam. Soft and warm, giving the best protection in every place in clothing. Using intelligent Steam Plus technology, intelligent steam heating, instantly generate steam without damaging clothing. Quickly remove wrinkles from your clothes. Took fun
Continuous steam generation, straight jets, efficient penetration of clothing fibers
22g of high temperature and high pressure steam per second can be a continuous jet for lasting stability, And can be ironed for 7 to 8 minutes at a time.
Steam with straight line jet, the vapor is not dispersed, and the range of the jet is more concentrated.Near the metal panel temperature of 132 degrees Celsius, effectively penetrate clothing.No complicated fashion, apply to a variety of fabrics, make clothes dull to shiny Good fabrics will also have wrinkles, and ironing is no problem.
The five holes spray steam, which is more penetrating. A variety of fabrics can be easily ironed. Penetration layer by layer until the clothes are smooth and smooth.
Overloaded micro steam for powerful wrinkle removal
The steam dries at high temperature, fine and more penetrating,
Flat ironing is not easy to make water leak, easy to put quickly on clothes to go out.
The ironing range is wider and clearly sees the effect of eliminating wrinkles.
Best tilt angle of 8 degrees, strong penetrating power, near ironing clothes
Break the traditional form and start looking forward to change. The design of the hair dryer, the body is in place, close to the clothes and ironing vertically. After years of technical testing, 8 degrees is the best angle for spraying steam, making sure that steam enters directly and enters clothing.


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